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How much shade is created with the Bug Umbrella?
The 11 Foot Bug Umbrella creates 95 square feet of shade, while the 9 Foot Bug Umbrella creates 63 square feet of shade. 
What type of assembly is required?
No assembly required
Why does my Bug Umbrella have two cranks?
One crank handle opens and closes the umbrella while the second crank handle lowers and raises the screen sides
Where is the Bug Umbrella made?
We are proud to say that the Bug Umbrella is 100% made in the USA. All of the sewing is done in Rhode Island, the machining of the frame and assembly are done in Connecticut. We also source components that are made in the USA - The canopy fabric is made in North Carolina, the Netting is made in NY, the black cords are made in Massachusetts, the Brass Rings are made in Pennsylvania, and the Coated Weights are made in Florida. 
Is there a warranty on the Bug Umbrella?
Yes, we proudly offer a 4 year warranty for all Bug Umbrellas. 
Does the Bug Umbrella require an umbrella stand?
Yes, the Bug Umbrella requires a stand, and is not included. The Bug Umbrella Fits into any standard market umbrella stand. The Bug Umbrella is designed for a standard 1.5 inch umbrella stand. The size and weight of the stand depends on your table but the heavier and wider the stand the better. If you have specific questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
What color is the frame?
The frame color is Bronze.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently we ship to The USA & Canada. Please contact us for shipping outside of these areas.
What size is the screened area?
The 11 Foot Version creates a 10X10 area when the screen is down, while the 9 Foot version creates an 8X8 space. See image below.

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