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The Bug Umbrella Gazebo is now offered in four configurations.  The Classic, dual crank version and the single crank, Economy version.  Both the Classic and the Economy are available in an 11 foot or a 9 foot size.  The 11 foot version occupies a 10' X 10' space with the screen sides lowered, the 9 foot version occupies an 8' X 8' space with the screen sides lowered.

The Bug Umbrella - Classic is equipped with the patented Dual Cranks on the main pole.  One crank handle opens and closes the umbrella just like an ordinary market umbrella while the second crank handle lowers and raises the screen sides.  When raised, all the screening is secured in place with the valance straps.  The canopy of our Classic is made with Sunbrella or Outdura solution dyed acrylic fabric, the best in the industry.  
The Classic

The Bug Umbrella - Economy is the same size and shape as the Classic but has only one crank handle which is used to open and close the umbrella like an ordinary market umbrella.  The screen sides drop down when the valance straps are released.  When the screen sides are not needed they are manually lifted, by hand, and secured in place with the valance straps.  The canopy of the Economy is made with a durable solution dyed polyester fabric. 
The Economy

The Sun Shade is a solid polyester accessory that can be used with the Classic or the Economy Bug Umbrella.  It is snapped onto the end two adjacent umbrella arms and hangs down three feet providing additional shade when the sun is low in the sky.  The Sun Shade can be used when the screen sides are raised or lowered. 
The Sun Shade

The Retractable Screen for a Garage Door or Covered Porch
Is mounted above your garage door or around the perimeter of a covered porch and uses our patented deployment technology to conveniently raise or lower a screen effectively keeping flying insects out.  If you use your garage for alternative living space or work space this is a great way to keep the bugs out when the garage doors are open.  Please contact us for price a quote. 
Custom Screen Panels

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