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Several years ago my wife, Roxanne, and I were attempting to have dinner on our deck one evening.  The mosquitoes were so bad that we were chased into the house swatting the whole way.  The following weekend we noticed how annoying the bees were during the afternoon even when the mosquitoes were tolerable.  We discussed what to do about this unfortunate situation and were determined to reclaim our outdoor living space.  We started out by listing all the things we did not want, such as a screened in porch, any gazebo or screen room requiring assembly, any free standing structure, or even a throw over cover.  These all had obvious cost or mechanical drawbacks.

We decided that what we needed was a large market umbrella with netting sides that could be lowered by simply turning a crank.  Over the next several months I visited many patio furniture stores in search of such a product and quickly realized that it did not exist.  I was pretty sure we were not the only people interested in something like this, so I bought a sewing machine, many yards of netting and some umbrellas to experiment with.  The concept was to create something the size of a 10 x 10 gazebo, self contained, no assembly required, easy to use, with no zippers.  I decided the best way to test the design was to just give it to Roxanne, let her use it with little or no instruction and see what happens.  With her creative and sometimes colorful input and countless hours in my shop the Bug Umbrella was born.

We were perfectly happy with my home built version and were enjoying our out door space free of annoying insects.  Then my neighbor came by and wanted to know where we got this very interesting umbrella / gazebo thing.  I explained that I made it, so he wanted to know where I got the kit to make it.  I explained further and he suggested I patent it.  So I started with a patent search then an application and after much effort finally received a letter from the patent office congratulating me on achieving a US Patent.

The next couple of years were spent refining the design and sourcing many components.  Great effort was taken to use as many off-the-shelf parts as possible but in the end a few custom manufactured items were required, resulting in a product that is engineered to last many many years requiring very little maintenance or care.

If you choose to purchase a Bug Umbrella I am certain you will not be disappointed.  Only the  highest quality components and products are used in the manufacture of Bug Umbrellas (specifications link).  It is truly the only self contained combination market umbrella / gazebo requiring no assembly.  Enjoy, and please send us a picture of the out door living space you have reclaimed with your Bug Umbrella so that we can add it to our photo gallery (link to photo gallery).

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